#GivingTuesday is Nov. 28th

Whoa! Our #GivingTuesday goal is $1,900,000! Together we can do it and support our goal to repair our building where we provide Youth Transitional Housing, and Adult and Childcare Day Center for community members in decatur, il!

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For Inquiries Please Contact: Carlotta Witherspoon-Taylor @217-519-3434

World Service Enterprise OrganizAtion- officers

Willie Taylor-

Vice President

Marsha Fisher- Executive secretary

Shirnise Hubbard

Executive Director

Mitchell Witherspoon- Board of Director

Magali Gonzalez Assist. Grant Writer

Our President & Founder

Our President & Founder, Mrs. Carlotta Whiterspoon- Taylor, established World Service Enterprise Organization in September of 2020 with a passion to give back to her community. Ms. Carlotta leads the company's multiple operations, with responsibility for businesses in the Macon County Area. She also oversees the company's ongoing expansion efforts that will be utilized in the surrounding areas of Illinois. Carlotta has extensive experience in customer service, hospitality, and quality assurance. These skills play a major role in her contribution of wanting to continue, with her philanthropic calling through community outreach.

During her intervention and speaking to people daily she realized that everyone in some sort of way or fashion, has a relative or loved one in jail or not so well off. With these stories that were shared over time, having dealt with life struggles herself, and having an empathetic heart, Carlotta was set on a mission to support the underprivileged young adults, families, adults, and children. So, expanding our services is the most important mission for the World Service Enterprise Organization.

Wanting to "pay it forward", Carlotta began sharing her experiences and resources as a business owner of Thrift Appeal Resale Shop and World Service Enterprise Organization.

Ms. Carlotta puts the "elation" in "public relations"

As she would state, “I like getting people excited about the things I'm excited about. Right now, that's anything and everything that makes a difference.” – Carlotta Witherspoon

Carlotta Witherspoon- Taylor

Sincerely, Your President/ Founder

Our Fellowship

"Contribute to the needs of God’s people,

and welcome strangers into your home."

ROMANS 12:13

"This is my commandment: love each other

just as I have loved you."

JOHN 15:12

"Carry each other’s burdens and

so you will fulfill the law of Christ."


Our Missions!

Our Missions

The mission and purpose of World Service Enterprise Organization (WSE) is to Develop infrastructure and a management team that will coordinate delivery of our core services towards the minority communities of Decatur IL. World Services Enterprise develops programs to access and navigate educational and life opportunities that are structured to create re-entry into the workforce through recruitments, skill development, and supporting the youth and minority communities in high school throughout college, and their early career, in support to becoming successful and confident when entering colleges, graduate schools and the workforce. We strive to provide resources that will uplift our community.


Developing infrastructure and a management team that will coordinate the delivery of our core services. This includes the building and management of a career center, recruitment center, a dress to success program, Adult & child day center, & other community outreach services.

Values: Our strength is in supporting and building our communities. We value having volunteers and participants that structure our development at World Service Enterprise Organization so that we can provide resources available in Decatur, IL & other surrounding communities.

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World Service Enterprise Organization, Outreach Opportunities

Dress- 2- Success Program

World Service Enterprise believes in having a strong professional appearance, when it comes to landing your career opportunity. Providing resources for the community who have less access financially to purchase proper professional attire to obtain a successful career. Our dress- to- success program offers free attire to all participants and volunteers in need!

Youth Development Programs

World Service Enterprise Organization believes in the growth and development for the youth. Our community outreach center provides a safe environment, that offers many different training workshops and supportive resources that promotes workforce and entrepreneurship development. We strive to support the youth and our community to obtaining a successful future!

"We Cannot Always Build the Future for our Youth, But We can build our Youth for the Future!" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Christian Youth Group
Employee assistance program EAP - benefit program on the desk.

Workforce Re- Entry Program

"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict"

- William Ellery Channing

World Service Enterprise understands that life erupts with challenges that at times we are faced upon when making an irrational decision, that can become life changing. Providing ex- felons with access to resources that supports re-entering into the workforce, or obtaining training that will provide key knowledge to being a successful business owner are supporting measures we strongly believe for our participants at WSE!

Exercises for the elderly

Adult & Child Day Services

WSE Organization offers an Adult & Child Day services at our community outreach facility. We know the struggle of maintaining the well- being for our loved ones, but we also understand the need to have flexible options when it comes to the care for our elderly and young children. Our center offers a safe environment, that not only focuses on care, but we also provide a nutritional program, with an onsite Nurse! Our Transportation & Social Services guarantees our participants to obtain the supportive resources needed!

"To Care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors"

-Tia Walker

Nurse Treating a Child

Social Service Opportunities

WSE Organization Social Services Programs

World Service Enterprise Organization focuses on supporting our community, as this is the number one resource, when it comes to standing strong as a community. Our outreach center provides a part- time Licensed Nurse, Social Service Worker, Transportation services to doctors appointments and job interviews, & a Licensed Therapist for mental health days! It is our missions to ensure the health of our communities are being met, by providing access to much needed resources.

WSE Community Support & Collaborations

WSE Organization collaborates with other local businesses and organization to support the community of Decatur, IL. Our Founder is a longstanding member of Outreach Missionary Pentecostal Church, and as a passionate philanthropists, her dreams are to bring the communities together as one in serving her purpose of being that helping hand!

Fundraising Opportunities

WSE Organization believes there are strength in numbers, and with the support of our community delivers success in our Fundraising opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the core foundation of WSE, having individuals coming from all walks of life, instills more compassion and motivation to fulfill our missions!

Donation Opportunities

WSE accepts In- Kind Donations, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Cashapp, Zelle, & Paypal for all Donations contact (877)267-2642

Fundraising Events & Donation Opportunities




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Our Family & Love at World Service Enterprise Organization!

World Service Enterprise Organization DONATION & VOLUNTEER Opportunities!

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